The Helston Railway in 2022
Take an aerial trip along the northern part line, from Prospidnick and through Trevarno Station
The Locomotive is our Peckett 0-6-0ST No. 2000

The Helston Railway in 2021
More stunning aerial and track-side video of our journey.
It shows off our glorious Cornish Countryside and the line up to Truthall Halt

The future of Helston Railway
Our existing track, a close look at Truthall Halt and onwards!
We have cleared about 350 metres south of Truthall.
This video gives a glimpse of things to come and you can follow us to the Lowertown/Cober Viaduct

We are extremely grateful to Duncan Scobie of Drone Works South West for providing these wonderful records of the present and a glimpse into our future