From all of us at Helston Railway we wish you have a great celebration and a marvellous time.  We are looking forward to the new year when we will be open again in the Spring (date to be confirmed) with a full season of events, steam rides and jollity.

In the meantime here are some images from our recent activities.

The arrival of our new visiting diesel locomotive Kingswood, which has allowed us to retire one of our trusty Ruston’s which is now displayed in our car park.

Building the new linesman’s hut at Truthall Halt to an original specification

Mending the doors of the Suburban coach – they are needing new door skins but its an opportunity to fettle the window mechanisms as well.

Using the Peckett 2000 as a training aid for our less mature volunteers – some of us are really mature!

Cutting the carpet for our new office, meeting room and training suite – that sounds a bit posh – but its a resource that has been used extensively since it was completed. Giving us a versatile resource.  We still had to cut the carpet in the car park!

And finally the visit from our Network Rail supporters who brought along the kit they use to examine and maintain their track. The result for us was that they only found a couple of areas where we needed to do more work – what a result – and thank you to them for taking the time!

We will leave you with a view of our steam loco and carriage this year – looking forward to seeing more of these next year!