Sadly, we have made a decision not to run our Santa Specials this Christmas.  We have seen the multitude of reports in the press that appear to be saying that there is a likelihood of the COVID situation worsening, and feel that we just cannot take the financial risk of setting up the events, and then needing to reduce the number of tickets at the last moment, or even cancelling completely.

As you will know, these events do cost us a lot to fund up front and organise; however whilst we do not really believe everything that is being said in the Press, we just cannot afford to take the risk of upsetting those who will have made arrangements in advance, or of using our money without good effect.

We must apologise to all those who might have visited us, but we will not be running trains, or events, until Spring next year.  Of course, our buffet will remain open on Thursdays and Sundays so you have the opportunity to come and see what we are up to!