Helston Railway have reluctantly decided that due to the current Government advice on Covid-19, and our responsibilities to our visitors and especially our volunteers, we will not be able to open on the 26th March as planned.

As we are sure our supporters will know, we have a duty of care to our volunteers many of whom are past retirement age, and also to our customers who come to visit us.  If we are not able to provide them with a safe environment at the moment the responsible thing to do is to close.  This is a disappointment but our safeguarding responsibilities are paramount.

Once the situation settles down we will make a decision on when we can safely re-open to the public.  We hope that if you were planning to visit us over the next couple of months you will be able to return later this year.

In the meantime please look after yourselves and your communities.  Helston Railway is used to dealing with difficult situations and we will be back with renewed vigour sometime in the summer!