Where has the time gone?  It’s December and we are already well into our Santa Specials run with two successful days behind us.  Why do we do this?  Well we love sharing our railway with our visitors and we love dressing up!   We love having our Santa grotto on the platform at Prospidnick with his attendant elves.  Kilmersdon our plucky little steam engine is working her socks off pulling our coach to and from our award-winning Halt at Truthall.  Our little shop is well stocked with last minute gifts and our low priced preloved Thomas toy collection.  You can also indulge in our famous bacon rolls, fabulous cakes and warming hot spice apple drink in our little buffet – all helping to keep out the cold.  What’s not to like?

So why not pop along on one of the remaining six days we are open for Santa Specials?  We are open on the 14th, 15th, 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd.   How much?  It’s £5 per child to see Santa (and we have presents to suit all ages).  For the train ride children under 6 years old are free, a family ticket is £20 (for 2 adults and up to 3 fare paying children), an adult ticket is £8.  If we are not busy your ticket is valid all day – but obviously we give priority to anyone who hasn’t had a train ride yet.  If you are a member of Helston Railway Preservation Society or serving Rail Staff on the big railway your train ticket will be discounted, bring your cards.  Trains run from 10.30 and then every hour until 15.30;  and oh yes – we love dogs!

And even better – you don’t have to book – just turn up!

For those of you who are Kilmersdon fans – and we know you are out there – she is steaming with us for 6 more days during our Santa Specials, and also on the 4th January (our Kid for a Quid day) and then will be going back to the Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway.  So, if you want to see her in steam in Cornwall you don’t have many more days left.  She will be sorely missed as she has done us a huge service in the two years we have had her on hire – have I already said where has the time gone?!

When you come to see us, you will see some changes in the car park – yes, we are building again!  Some preliminary work has started on our new station site at Trevarno Farm – this will eventually replace our temporary platform at Prospidnick.  November was extremely wet and our drowned rats (otherwise known as our plucky volunteers) struggled through the weather to get this work done.  We are immensely grateful for their hard work.  However, the rain took its toll and as a result there is a bit more mud around than normal – so just be aware of this!

Other news in brief.

The refurbishment work on our 0-4-0 Peckett locomotive William Murdoch is going well and we hope to have her back in service during 2020.

Our Junior group has a project underway to rebuild and refurbish a Wickham Trolley.  That is a piece of equipment that used to be used to ferry maintenance staff by scooting along  railway lines.  We can’s scoot – but we can use this to give our Juniors some basic engineering experience and practical skills.

Work has begun to clear the new piece of trackbed we have purchased south of Truthall Halt.

The Mink Van team have a new project – refurbishing a Fruit Van – we look forward to another stunning renovation!

If you are members and have draw tickets to return please do so quickly – the draw will take place on the 23rdDecember.

We had a very successful season so thank you again to all who came to see us during the year – we enjoyed your company – and we think you enjoyed sharing our work. The Red Hat Society Ladies (above) were as effervescent as we feel!

Have a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year!   With best wishes from us all xx