Its peak holiday season time and we have been very fortunate to see a large number of holiday makers at the railway, more than in previous years.  Part of the reason we enjoy working on, and building our railway is the joy of sharing it with others.  So we are delighted when new people find us and enjoy riding on our train, learning about our plans and spending time chatting with us.  Our volunteers love talking about what we do – sometimes it’s hard to stop them!   We hear such lovely stories about peoples experiences and love of trains or just their love of Cornwall.  We are also grateful for visitors who share their photographs with us – such as this one by Colin Higgs  who took this photo of Kilmersdon steaming through the Cornish countryside – magic!

We have been running steam rides for most of August this year, and the last two weeks in August are all steam operations.  We are open on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Sundays and Bank Holiday Monday.  So if you would like a steam train ride come and find us.  If you are not sure where we are type Helston Railway into Google Maps to guide you to our car park.  We can’t guarantee you will see these exotic visitors when you arrive, but we were very privileged to see two steam traction engines at Prospidnick recently – they certainly added to the gaiety of the day!

Yes we have some lovely human visitors and some stunning mechanical ones – we also have others who have been giving us endless enjoyment and some levels of stress.  These are of the feathered variety.  Yes really…   Our railway line (or the wildlife corridor as some like to call it) is teeming with animals of all sorts, and we live in harmony with them.  A buzzard family has taken to using the corridor as their feeding station.  One of our guards relates how, in a previous year, they had a fright when one buzzard was so intent on reclaiming its dinner from the trackside that it flew straight towards the approaching brake van claws outstretched and eyes staring;  luckily the bird veered off at the last minute and when the train returned the prey had gone.  This year we have had rail perching buzzards guarding their food who look at us with incredulity as we approach and only when we have stopped do they eventually fly away.  They have now learnt to fly off as we approach them so the train doesn’t have to stop – but that didn’t stop one of our passengers getting really worried about this magnificent bird.  So if you come to visit us don’t worry we love our buzzards and all our visitors no matter how exotic they are!