Well there’s a statement of the obvious!  And in our busy volunteer lives nothing galvanises us like getting ready for our Santa Specials. So following our tried and trusted method Santa will once more stable his reindeer locally and will move in with us for 9 days this year in the run up to Christmas.

We will be polishing the elves as usual and giving Santa a wash and brush up,  building grottos and generally getting ourselves ready.  So we are open on the 9th and 10th December and then on the 17th until the 23rd December.  As usual Santa will be in his grotto on the platform and if you can book in advance to see him that helps a lot with our present packing elves, we don’t want to run out of presents!

Trains will be running as usual every half hour, and the buffet girls have stocked up on their hot mulled apple drink, mince pies and bacon for our delicious butties.  Our popular Christmas Pudding trail will be in place with a prize for the clever winner and we have stocked up with Thomas Toys and festive gifts as well.  So why not come along and see us again this year.  Last time to get a ride until next Spring!