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Helston Railway is run and staffed by volunteers, we have no paid staff, and we rely on our dedicated group of volunteers and members to continue to develop, build and operate our railway.

Our passenger operations and events bring in enough to cover everyday costs, but it is our aim to not only extend our Railway down to the outskirts of Helston, but to build our new station at Prospidnick and other large projects, that just cannot be funded by running passenger trains.

We therefore look for donations wherever possible and we would be extremely grateful if you would help us with this by sending us a donation using this form.

Any amount is welcome, however if you wish to donate a large sum, then please type in the input box below and enter as much as you would like.

For those of you who are UK taxpayers, you can make a gift aid reclaim declaration on the checkout page. This is also valuable to us, as the Government then adds 25% to your donation at no cost to yourself.


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