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200 Club Lottery

We apologise, but at this time the Helston Railway 200 Club is closed to new members

For existing members the scheme will run until their paid up expiry date.

Membership of the 200 club is open to anyone who is a fully paid up supporter of the Helston Railway Preservation Society.  It’s aim is to raise funds for various railway projects and to give members a chance to win cash prizes on a monthly basis.

Members pay £36 in advance and there is no limit to the number of entries a member may have,  (Presently running June to May).

50% of all money collected is paid in prize money. Each member is allocated a draw number, which is entered into a monthly draw. The number and size of prizes depends on the number of members each year, i.e. the more members (up to 200) the more and bigger the prizes. At the end of last year the prizes rose to six consisting £50, £30, £20, £10, £10 and £10.  At the beginning of every year the prize fund starts small but has always grown significantly by half way through the year.

For Information please contact Marion Ashford on by writing to: Chy Gwyn, Bonallack Lane, Gweek, Helston, Cornwall TR12 6UJ.

May. 24

1stRichard Cockram£32
2ndPaul Bennett£25
3rdPamela Beattie£15

Apr. 24

1stA.D. Mills£32
2ndKenneth Moore£25
3rdDon Farmer£15

Mar. 24

1stAnthony Piner£32
2ndDavid Beckett£25
3rdKevin Gibbard£15

Feb. 24

1stChris Dunn£32
2ndChris Dunn£25
3rdMrs R Holton£15

Jan. 24

1stDon Farmer£32
2ndKevin Gibbard£25
3rdHeather Roberts£15

Dec. 23

1stLawrence Roberts£32
2ndKen Moore£25
3rdA D Mills£15

Nov. 23

1stHilary Paul£32
2ndMrs R Holton£25
3rdRobert John Mitchell£15

Oct. 23

1stPamela Beattie£30
2ndJohn Hartley£23
3rdPaul Bennett£15

Sept. 23

1stDavid Beckett£30
2ndChris Bond£18
3rdPeter Holton£10

August 23

1stNeville Upton£30
2ndDavid Beckett£18
3rdPeter Holton£10

July 23

1stWendy Drinkwater£30
2ndMrs R Holton£14
3rdLawrence Roberts£10

June 23

1stJory Bennett£30
2ndCyril Eustice£10
3rdRussell Bennett£5

May 23

1stWilliam Laity£30
2ndDavid Beckett£21
3rdAlan Burton£20
4thLawrence Roberts£15
Apr 23NamePrize
1stKenneth Moore£30
2ndDavid Beckett£21
3rdMark Cubey£20
4thChristopher Dunn£15
March 23NamePrize
1stDavid T Beckett£30
2ndTim Childs£21
3rdAndrew Boaden£20
4thRosemary Holton£15
Feb 23NamePrize
1stStephen Ivill£30
2ndAndrew Boaden£21
3rdRobin Darby£20
4thDavid Beckett£15
Jan 23NamePrize
1stRichard Barnes£30
2ndRussel Bennett£20
3rdMark Cubey£18
4thD. Thomas£13
Dec 2022NamePrize
1stHilary Paul£30
2ndMartin Ennis£20
3rdRichard Goodwin£18
4thYolande Drayson£13
Nov 2022NamePrize
1stSteve Moores£30
2ndAlan Burton£20
3rdAnthony Piner£18
4thChristopher Dunn£13
Oct 2022NamePrize
1stDonald Humphries£30
2ndRussell Bennett£20
3rdJ S Donnelly£12
4thD S Williams£13
Sept 2022NamePrize
1stYolande Drayson£30
2ndDavid Beckett£20
3rdCharles Bond£12
4thRichard Cockram£10
August 2022NamePrize
1stRosemary Holton£30
2ndAndrew Boaden£20
3rdDavid Cossins£12
4thRichard Goodwin£10
July 2022NamePrize
1stChristopher Dunn£25
2ndGraham Ford£15
3rdCathy Fazackerly£10
June 2022NamePrize
1stMichael Pyers£20
2ndKen Moore£15
3rdMarcus Hooper£10
May 2022NamePrize
1stChris Crump£30
2ndRosemary Holton£20
3rdYolande Drayson£15
4thDavid Beckett£10
5thAnthony Piner£5
Apr 2022NamePrize
1stBarbara T Coxhead£30
2ndAlan Burton£20
3rdDave Drinkwater£15
4thMrs Hilary Paul£10
5thDavid Beckett£5
Mar 2022NamePrize
1stPaul Thompson£30
2ndMrs Hilary Paul£20
3rdIan Moorhead£15
4thRosemary Holton£10
5thRobert J Mitchell£5
Feb 2022NamePrize
1stJory Bennett£30
2ndHeather and Laurence Roberts£20
3rdWilliam N Laity£15
4thPaul Hemming£10
5thMarcus Hooper£5
Jan 2022NamePrize
1stRobert Pryor£30
2ndAnthony Piner£20
3rdTom Sides£15
4thDavid Beckett£10
5thRosemary Holton£5