Great News – we are now the most southerly railway in the UK!

Wednesday, 28th November, 2012 - By Barbara Barnes

Our Tuesday crew have done it again!  We now have a new 120 yard section of line to use during our Santa Specials between the 14th and 17th December and it will take you within a few feet of the Truthall Halt site. The newly opened track will take you along the top of Truthall Summit and is the highest section of our line at around 98 metres above sea level - the views are superb.

Until now, we had been the most southerly branch line in operation, with this new piece of track we are even further south than the St Michael's Mount Funicular.


This last bit of track was prepared during our work last spring but our aim at that time was to get our passenger services to the entrance of Truthall Summit, where the view across the Lizard peninsula to the sea was revealed.  All of our efforts had been concentrated on reaching that point and the remaining section of track, which went to the approach to the Truthall Halt site, was left to be completed at a later date.  

Now that we have a bit more breathing space this last unopened section of track came back to the top of the Tuesday crew's to do list and for the last two weeks they have been aligning, levelling, ballasting and packing and occasionally uttering old Cornish oaths. 


So the good news is that we now have another 120 yards of track which our customers (and gricers) can ride on at Christmas. The not so good news is that with all the heavy rain in the past two weeks our swimming pool, otherwise known as the Truthall Halt site, is back in business and we confidently expect some migrating water birds to arrive soon and take up residence! 

Back at the other end of the line at Trevarno Farm we have been extending the car parking surface ready for Christmas, installing guttering on the shed and repairing our dumper that had an unfortunate time when its fan had a close encounter with its radiator. 

Plans for our Christmas Santa Specials are now well advanced and the volunteers will be getting very busy in the run up to that weekend with the peak of the preparation work taking place on site on the Thursday beforehand.  So please come and see us between the 14th and 17th December and ride on our new piece of track.  But we can't promise the water birds will be in residence!

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