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Pausing for Breath

Sunday, 22nd February, 2015 - By Barbara Barnes

Well we have been silent for a month or so – but not idle, so to get you up to speed with where we are…  Our long running saga of the planning application(s), to base ourselves at Trevarno Farm, continues... (Read more)

Nadelik Lowen! Or if you prefer Merry Christmas: & Raffle results

Tuesday, 23rd December, 2014 - By Barbara Barnes

So our Santa Specials are now over and its time for Santa to pack up his remaining presents and have a quick rest before starting on his delivery round tomorrow night.  He (and the rest of us) would like to... (Read more)

Santa Calling...

Sunday, 14th December, 2014 - By Barbara Barnes

What do you get when you have a congregation of the young at heart, irrespective of their actual ages?  Well on our railway you get a lot of fun and merriment.  And so it was yesterday when the first day... (Read more)

There is always a silver lining....

Saturday, 6th December, 2014 - By Barbara Barnes

Yes, dear readers, we have news for you – which in the first instance is obviously disappointing – but when fully considered (as you will see) there is some real encouragement that we will be able to build upon. The... (Read more)

Well - what a month!

Tuesday, 25th November, 2014 - By Barbara Barnes

At the tail end of our season – on our last running day we had the most amazing visitor, and we are used to pretty amazing visitors.  This time it was the turn of Lucy Sinclair who was to turn... (Read more)

Railway Days Out.......

Wednesday, 29th October, 2014 - By Barbara Barnes

Well we are down to the last two days of the season – we are open on Thursday and Sunday and then close for the winter; with five days in December for our Santa Specials.  As our last two days... (Read more)

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