November 2016

Contains photos taken in November 2016

1 Nov.  Unloading sleepers donated by Network Rail 1 Nov.  Collecting sleepers from Truro 1 Nov.  Happiness is a load of concrete sleepers 1 Nov.  Alec lends a hand....
1 Nov.  The Mink Van has been shot blasted and painted - she will hopefully become our display space next year 1 Nov.  Digging out the post holes at Truthall for the platform face has been an arduous task. An original Barlow Rail which was the original platform face can be seen. 1 Nov.  Truthall worksite and the platform uprights are well underway 1 Nov.  The refurbished signal cabinet is installed at Trevarno
1 Nov.  Wooden sleepers arrive from Network Rail 8 Nov.  Sorting out the new door for the barns 8 Nov.  Truthall uprights - almost finished 8 Nov.  Painted and in position.
8 Nov.  Tackling our ongoing problem with drainage with a very substantial pipe! 8 Nov.  We arranged a swap with Severn Valley Railway - our metal sleepers for their concrete ones 8 Nov.  Severn Valley consignment being loaded 10 Nov.  The return SVR concrete sleeper consignment arrives
10 Nov.  Now where to stack all of these? 10 Nov.  Stacking them with care. 10 Nov.  Job done 10 Nov.  The Truthall site is still busy
10 Nov.  Truthall platform with Truthall Bridge in the background 24 Nov.  Digging the last post holes for Truthall Platform 24 Nov.  Mixing concrete for fixing the posts 24 Nov.  Undercoating the new uprights at Truthall
27 Nov.  Truthall worksite is a hive of activity 24 Nov.  The Truthall team - well done!! 24 Nov.  Part of the process of moving William Murdoch to Prospidnick 24 Nov.  William Murdoch approaches Prospidnick
24 Nov.  William Murdoch before the move takes place 24 Nov.  William Murdoch passes Trevarno 27 Nov.  Young volunteers getting their safety briefing before starting work 27 Nov.  Young volunteers learning about the shunter
27 Nov.  DOE and Young persons working party learning about the diesel shunter 27 Nov.  Preping the engine 27 Nov.  Gorse cutting on an embankment is prickly business 27 Nov.  Learning how to clear scrub from the embankments
27 Nov.  Doing a great job making the lineside tidy 27 Nov.  The Mink Van is now ready for her next adventure 29 Nov.  More sleepers arrive from Network Rail 29 Nov.  Truthall Halt Pagoda getting an undercoat
29 Nov.  Fitting the door into the new wall of the barn

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