The 200 Club

Well folks, it’s that time of year again, 200 Club renewal time and a chance to join in.  With the odds of winning far better than the National Lottery at maximum 33/1 there is no better time, to give yourself a chance to win some money and raise some funds to help drive the Railway forward. 

Fees for the year remain the same at £36 per membership for the 12 months (payable in advance). Half of which will go into prizes spread over the 12 months and the balance for Helston Railway projects.

Thanking you in anticipation of your continued support, your remittance can be sent to the promoter Ken Moore at the  address below:  (Only New Members need to fill out an application form.  Details of existing members renewing are already on record).  Cheques payable to - The Helston Railway Preservation Society please.  If you wish to pay by internet banking just let Ken know.

The lottery details

The aim of the 200 club is to raise funds for various railway projects and to give members a chance to win cash prizes on a monthly basis. Each member must be a fully paid up supporter of the Helston Railway Preservation Society (HRPS).

50% of all money collected is paid in prize money. Each member is allocated a draw number which is entered into a monthly draw. The number and size of prizes depends on the number of members each year, ie, the more members (up to 200) the more and bigger the prizes. At the end of last year the prizes rose to six consisting £50, £30, £20, £10, £10 and £10.  At the beginning of every year the prize fund starts small but has always grown significantly by half way through the year.

There is no limit to the number of entries a member may have, subject to the annual payment of £36, which is required in advance. (Presently running April to March). Members may spread the cost by issuing two cheques, each for £18.00 dated half yearly.

There are currently plenty of spaces for more members to join and Ken is taking applications for this coming year. The more members we have the larger the prizes and more funds are available to develop the railway. 

To join, or rejoin, please email Ken Moore at

or write to:

"200" Club Promoter, 5 Mundy's Field, Ruan Minor, Helston, Cornwall TR12 7LF


Club Prize Winners 2016 - 2017


Mar 2016




R Barnes



P Hobbs



T Sides



S Thomas



A Burton



A Rouncefield


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Becoming a member helps support the project and gives you an opportunity to volunteer on the railway.

It is very easy to become a member of the Helston Railway. Simply sign up and pay online, or print off our application form, and return with a cheque.

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